Sans-Serif Victory/Defeat Typeface


Thanks for your time!
Below are two images of the front and back of a chocolate box I recently picked up in New Zealand.
I am curios of the the typeface itself. I understand there are multiple effects (and distracting lines) but the sans-seif typeface inside the angled effects is what eludes me.

The face has very straight and harsh edges (hard to see with rounded effects and image quality) and an interesting C, R and D.

Victory #1 (White Color)
Defeat #2 (Red Color)

Thank you for your time,
~Dylan Jones


I think it's possible that both of these are Akzidenz Grotesk possible with some graphic stretching. See

- Mike Yanega

Thanks Mike,

I've looked into the family, is it me or does the x-height seem lower in the posted reference?
I definitely appreciate your point in the direction, and perhaps that is indeed the typeface.
I suppose it's always a never ending search!

~Dylan Jones

The somewhat high-waisted R reminds me of League Gothic: