(x) Brendel Informatik 3 - WTC Thaddeus {Mike Yanega}

Trying to learn the original typeface for this Brendel Informatik font called Gotthard (quite possibly a ripoff clone).

This one is driving me crazy, ‘cause it keeps belittling me with “Come on now. You’ve seen my unique e and my sexy k lots of times. Can’t you remember anything!?”.

I hate that when type mocks me.


Mike — it’s got some Romic-wannabe tendencies.


Maybe that’ll help quiet the voices. :-)

It does indeed have some characteristics in common with Romic, but not the e or k

The font is WTC Thaddeus, designed in 1982 by Thaddeus Szumilas. It was the WTC design just before Favrile that I ID‘d for you recently, and it shows up in that same book by Lawrence Wallis, “Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces 1960-90”. Maybe you need a copy of that book to help you with those Brendel fonts.

It looks that way, eh? Well, I just found an old copy in very good condition and it’s on it’s way (superseded the ordering of the Solotype Catalog for now).

Until it arrives … I’ve nailed a couple more IDs on my own (Corvinus & Sackers L Roman) and I’m down to seven remaining puzzlers. Thanks yet again Mike.

Incidentally, Robert Wakeman, who made that Web page you bookmarked that included a sampling of Favrile, pointed me to Castcraft/OptiFont as the source of his copies. They don’t show Favrile online, but an e-mailed response states that they have the tyepface in “lots of weights”. For your records … if you care. <g>

I’m not as surprised that they have it as that you got a reply from them! I have written to them before and it seemed like my e-mail vanished into the void. Did they give you any idea what they would charge for the font(s)?

I would love to know what fonts they have , since they claim to have acquired the Solotype Collection. I understand Dan Solo has given up the business. Can anyone confirm that?

I think Stephen might know more.

The e-mail from Castcraft contained none of that desirable (and obvious) info. I wrote back asking for pricing on two weights (Reg & Italic) as well as the pricing for