Tasmeem plugin vanished from InDesign CS3

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I'm hoping Thomas Milo or someone at Winsoft sees this.

I purchased the whole Adobe Web Premium CS3 ME suite a few years ago. At the same time, I bought InDesign CS3 by itself. This included the Tasmeem plugin. It gave me 30 days of advanced features, then it returned to a basic install. I had Tasmeem working for years, even after I upgraded my computer. I always saw the "Tasmeem" menu in InDesign.

So I just reinstalled my OS because I had some other OS issues and it's gone. I manually installed my Adobe apps. But nowhere in the installer did I see any mention of Tasmeem. I need it back as I have docs using the Emiri font in Tasmeem!

I contacted both Winsoft and the place where I bought the software (Aramedia). Winsoft says I just need to upgrade everything. I'm sorry, this isn't acceptable. It was running fine on this system. All I want to do is reinstall what I paid for. The folks at Aramedia suggested I install without an internet connection, and I did, but still no Tasmeem. I have looked through my software discs and don't see anything for Tasmeem or from Winsoft.

If someone can help, please do. I believe it is the Tasmeem 4 installer that I need.

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Hi Paul, I do not follow WinSoft's marketing policies from close by. More importantly, I do not quite understand your problem. As far as I remember, IDME CS3 included a 30 day Tasmeem trial version. Is it possible that you mean with "basic install" that you kept one or two DecoType fonts working with our DecoType ACE engine (after the expiry of Tasmeem, which is the user interace to access the typographic controls that are built around ACE)? In that case you did not have Tasmeem working for years, but only the ACE engine (without the Tasmeem-enabled functionality).

If I understand it correctly, WinSoft advised to acquire Tasmeem (plus one or more fonts). Like you, I am surprised that you cannot simply reinstall what you licensed.

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Hi Paul,

I'll do my best to help you.

As far as I remember Tasmeem 3 had 3 flavors, the "Limited Edition", the "Creative Edition" and the "publisher edition". InDesign CS3 ME was shipped with the "Limited Edition" (with 30 days of trial of the Creative Edition). After the installation of InDesign, users have to install Tasmeem from a separate CD (delivered in the InDesign box). So, if I'm correct, if you are able to find that CD, your problem should be fixed.

The Tasmeem4 stuff was a bit different. It was installed automatically by InDesign CS4 ME, no additional work was needed. For CS3 ME users, it was possible to upgrade to Tasmeem 4 using a separate installers, but I think this upgrade was not free.

Now the latest version of Tasmeem is Tasmeem 5. It works with IDCS4 - IDCS5 & ID CS55. It's not anymore bundled with InDesign...

If it could help, I could post the installer of TS3 somewhere on a ftp for you. Feel free to contact me offline at pfouque at winsoft dot fr.

Hope this helps


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Thank you Pascal and Thomas. I'm sorry for the delayed response. I thought I would be notified of responses to this forum.

Actually, I did have Tasmeem, but it was the Limited Edition. (Pascal, you're right...I had the "Creative Edition" for a limited time.)
And no, the Tasmeem installer did not come on any of the CDs. I've got everything in the original packaging. I think if I remember correctly, there was a link to the Winsoft website to download the promotional Tasmeem installer. I couldn't for the life of me remember where I put that installer.

I contacted the company with whom I bought the software and they were able to request another installer from Winsoft. So I was able to install it just fine. I was just quite concerned because I had documents created in Emiri (Thank you Thomas!) but had no way to reproduce the original font.

Again, thank you both.

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