Fonts For Hope !

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We are very proud to announce the first typeface reseller dedicated to charitable causes



Join us and Support a noble cause...


If you’re a designer or user of fonts you can collaborate with the project FontsForHope. And to say ”yes” we can do something with typography.

What Fonts for hope?
A font distribution project in which profit sharing is different from usual.
Every purchase on our site will generate a profit to generate hope for aspecific cause. Under the menu ‘Hope’ you can see the open cases.

What is special about the distribution of profits in fonts for hope?
A minimum of 25% and a maximum of 100% * (see detail at the end of this page) of each purchase is assigned to a specific cause (each font mayallocate funds to a particular case: you can suggest one).

Are the fonts are more expensive than other sites selling?
No. The fonts are, at most, at the same price elsewhere.

How I can participate?
If you have fonts for sale, or want to get started on it, you can contact us.
We evaluate your typography and if you are able to access the market,welcome!

What percentage gets the designer of thetypeface?
* The default layout is: 50% of each sale goes to the designer of the typeface, 25% for a cause and the remaining 25% for operating costs, financial and minimal benefit to the Fonts for Hope team. But we are humanand are open to handle any situation that requires it.

Best Regards!!
Martín Sommaruga
Fernando Díaz
Vicente Lamónaca
(TipoType's Team)

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Thank you!

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Is this a foundry or a font reseller?

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I would be happy to add your company to my list of distributors.
Please contact me: nick*at*

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We currently sell typefaces that already have a typefoundry,
so we are a reseller. Thanks for noticing, I'll change this
on this thread.

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I've sent you an e-mail Nick,
Thanks a lot for helping out.


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Our first proyect (launched today) is doing very well! :)

Hope for Jan Wojciechowski

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