Sexy K

Sorry I can


  Try here.

Thank you twice Mike, but this is not the one.

There were really two weights, sexy-light sexy-regular (this is a not the name of course but a fair description), and, as I remember; it was more proportional, “better done”. I remember something with the “I” or the “L” that is not in this Font.

** If I am offending somebody please let me know and this is over.

Aha. Well I’ve come across more explicit fonts in my font searches, but they’re not my thing and I paid little attention. Sorry.

Thanks Mike, but I think you misunderstood me when I put the example about the “I” and the “L”, (bad example I see know) the type that I am talking about (I am sure I saw it) is not explicit at all, in fact, I remember it was done with a very good taste, it looks a lot to the one you told me, but if you see, in this font the siluettes are not proportional at all, the letter is always the same heigth but the siluetes don

Mike: Thank God I was wearing my rubber undies…that was too damn funny. Thank you for that link. My favorite is “Ate Up With Dumb A**”. I’ll be sure to use that in my next project!

Hey Ignacio, I did indeed misunderstand.
Try Alpha Silhouette 2 & 3. These aren’t different weights, but, rather, filled and solid, so they probably aren’t the right ones. They seem to fit your description otherwise, though, including the difference in the characters between the two and the lack of proportionality.

Tom. Yep, there are some, uh, unique fonts at that site. I can’t see ever actually using any, except perhaps the film reel.

“Adult fonts”? Some people DO need to get a life…

Ignacio, I think I know which typeface you mean, but
unfortunately I haven’t got the faintest clue where it
could be found. I don’t know the name, and it’s been
ages since I saw it.

It’s OK Mike, and I am glad that Yves has seen it, I started to think…

Well, was so funny your “Aha” Mike…