Please ID this Condensed font

Can anyone identify this font?



It looks like Charmeur - (C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH

...but without the serifs of /1/4/A/W/
Maybe there is also a sans variation, I don't know...

Try LTC Obelysk Grotesk Regular.

Per the MyFonts description, "Obelysk Grotesk was designed by the Lanston Drawing Office in the late 1980s.

This face is a reconstruction of Spire (1937) drawn by Sol Hess. The skeleton of Spire Roman stands with the serifs removed."

Fivos - Almost all of those Brendel fonts were ripoffs of existing fonts. Charmeur = Spire.

Walter Brendel did have several original creations back in the 70's under the TypeShop moniker. Some are familiar typefaces, even. Later, the Brendel company got into making and selling hundreds of clones of others' fonts.

Thank you for your answer!