Book Antiqua, Paltino, or Zapfino...?

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Book Antiqua, Paltino, or Zapfino...?

Hello All,

As you can see I am quite new to the forums (about as new as you can get) and I was curious about these three typefaces.

I've always used Book Antiqua on other forums when its available, but only recently have I noticed thats it's a knockoff of Paltino. I also just became aware of Zapfino, which, after doing some research, plenty of blogs say NOT to use it, and its overly used.

I am doing a project for my college class and we're instructed to choose a typeface with history, and to convey its history through as much type and as litle imagery as possible. I'd like to do Zapfino since it has the hitory of being in a notebook from the 1940s, and kind of "reserrurceted."

What do the experts think? Thanks guys/gals!

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I'm no expert either but I would do the font that interests you the most. Choose the one that will intrigue you the most-you`ll stay more interested in the project.
Personally, I would go with Zapfino :)