GT Walsheim in 16 Styles & Free Trial Version

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GT Walsheim is a geometric sans serif inspired by the historic lithography poster lettering of Otto Baumberger.

We just released the final version of GT Walsheim on our website. It is now available in 16 styles (eight weights and fitting obliques). It features SmallCaps, automatic fractions, alternate Umlauts and support for over 70 languages, with a character set slightly shy of 700 glyphs. We are now also releasing trial versions of all typefaces with this kind of complete glyphset.

Get your free trial version of all 16 GT Walsheim styles. It contains the basic character set, but no kerning pairs.

(I previously posted about GT Walsheim here)

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What a wild combination of Avant Garde and Futura. It will be cool to see how it is used.

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Thanks Tiffany! Some in use pictures from various designers below. For more, and detailed attribution, see our Facebook page.

Felix Pfäffli and Diana Lischer

Matthias Hübner, «Art & Agenda» (Die Gestalten)

Matthias Hübner, «Art & Agenda» (Die Gestalten)

Matthias Hübner, «Art & Agenda» (Die Gestalten)

Ollie Schaich

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Great work Thierry!

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