1914 stadium scoreboard lettering

Hi all,

Probably hand lettered I know, but anyone have an idea on the face the type on this scoreboard is based on? Or something close?




Well, there are four different typefaces (not counting numbers and ABC banner) or, at least two typefaces, one of which has three width variations.
Are you interested in all of them?

The image is not of a "1914 stadium scoreboard"— you realize that, right?

The words THE YALE BOWL appear to be hand-painted, but the letterforms are Aldo Novarese's Eurostile font, released in 1962. The date 1914 appears to be Helvetica (it's the year the stadium was built). The ABC logo on the banner below the scoreboard was designed by Paul Rand in 1962. (Coincidentally, Rand taught at Yale and designed the logo used by Yale University Press from 1985 to 2009.)
Just for the record, you can find all this information in a few minutes by Googling "Yale Bowl," "ABC Sports," and "Eurostile."

Thanks for all the comments, everyone.

Sorry, I dashed the post off really quickly and should have been more clear. I'm interested mainly in the multi-widthed main portion of the sign (it seems like everything from OFFICIAL TIME to PERIOD... to VISITOR is from/based on the same family).

And yes, I realize the scoreboard's not from 1914. I think it just popped into my head as I saw it on the board as I was typing the subject heading. If I had to guess, I would say it's from the 1954 when the stadium was renovated.

Again, thanks for the help. If anyone has any suggestions for the rest of the lettering it would be much appreciated!