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One of my dream projects is to design the Mushaf (the Quran in print). In searching for a digital version of the Quran over the internet, I came across Abdul Samee' Rajab Salem,who calls himslef Abdo, and is an Egyptian typographer. Abdo has devised a prorpriety font to render the text of the Quran, which he named "Mushaf Misr" or the Mushaf of Egypt.

What caught my attention is the high resemblence of the font he devised to that of Mushaf Al Madina, which is rendered using calligraphy. The letter forms are very balanced and elegant, and capture much of the beauty of the calligraphic version.

I was interested in communicating with Abdo, and eventually I agreed with him to conduct an interview and publish it on my blog arabictype.wordpress.com.

Another interesting thing that I discovered about Abdo is his way of designing the font. Abdo based his design on a digital calligraphic scheme where he uses the digitizer as a calligrapher would use his pen. His glyphs are based on paths that exhibit calligraphic charatersitics such as the ductus contrast among others. He does not design the glyphs using outlines.

Abdo called the approach "digital calligraphy", and further search on the internet led me to Inkscape, which is OpenSource software that provides a calligraphy feature. Something worth investigating.