Overflow error generating OTF

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Overflow error generating OTF

Sigh, my LAST post for a different question isn't even off the first "Buld" pages and I'm back again! Thank heavans for this forum and all you guys!

In Fontlab 5 I'm getting the "GPOS feature 'kern' causes overflow of offset to a subtable" error and I've been reading through the posts on the same subject.

I'm working with a client's existing font files and have Regular, Italic, Bold and BoldItalic, all of which have the same number of glyphs, named the same and also have the identical features and classes.

All except the Regular font causes the error, the regular has the fewest kern pairs. From what I've read there is a 64k limit to the feature (see Thomas Phinney's comment in this post: http://typophile.com/node/47526). Given that, I'm guessing I simply have too many kern pairs?

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