New release: Equity

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A text font in the Janson / Ehrhardt mode, but with many contemporary details and conveniences.

A snazzy PDF specimen is here:

The basic family includes 6 styles: regular, italic, bold, bold italic, regular small caps, and bold small caps. All 6 styles are provided in two weight grades (the default grade + a lighter grade for office printers that add weight)

The standard license allows PDF embedding, @font-face embedding, and editable embedding (e.g., in word-processing documents).

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Wow, that's nice!

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Looks nice, congrats and good luck.

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Nice item about Equity on the Fast Company design blog:

P.S. The photo at the top is not me.

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I do not understand much of legal jargon, but the type looks readable enough on the sample above. Wonder, though, if a slightly-expanded 'caption' style would be of the good for the smaller type, like the notice at the top. Oh, well... tomorrow is also a day.

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