"Triviaal" italic script w/ broad-nibbed pen.

Argh, I've seen this one before, but it's one of those typical old designs you are never going to use so you don't remember its name. Can anyone help me with this one?


Hi Yves,

it looks like Gabrielle
Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 1999

Thanks, Fivos! However I am not 100% sure that version is legit, so if anyone has another name please tell me.

I 'm not sure either, but I can't find anything else

Dieter Steffmann's version of Gabrielle should be legit, I think.

ps. I just opened the font and it is the same copyright.

According do Luc Devoye's page on Dieter Steffmann, his foundry was called FontShop. I have a few fonts from him with "Copyright (c) FontShop".

Originally, Gabriele, Hans Möhring, 1938 or 1947 (references differ) for Wöllmer Type Foundry.

Yves - Years after joyfully discovering the delightful font offerings of Steffmann, I and a more respected source have come to the conclusion - looking at points and curves - that many, if not most, of his fonts were digital improvements to Opti fonts. Per the Devroye link that Michel provides, Steffmann himself states that, "I am not a designer but I add missing letters to public domain fonts in order to get a complete character set and I hint the fonts and create new weigths ... "

Opti created nothing original, either. They were simply the first to digitize lots of pre-digital faces. And they're long gone as a business.

Nothing is ever black and white in this font realm, eh? Nevertheless, Steffmann's Gabrielle is the only digital version I'm aware of for this face and likely as 'legitimate' as you're going to get.

Thanks for the extra information, everyone. Much appreciated. :^)

Mike, do you think some of Opti's fonts shouldn't have been made?