Typeface from 1860's patent application

Hello Typophiles,

Can anyone help me identify this typeface from a 1860's patent application? It's close to Franklin Gothic, Titling Gothic, and Alternate Gothic, but the exaggerated handle on the 'g' and the tail on the 'a' are hard to match.

Thanks in advance..

Link to Patent Typeface


Well given the date this is obviously an old metal grotesque, for which there may not be any direct modern equivalent. So close may have to do.

News Gothic Condensed isn’t a bad match overall.

News Gothic Condensed is a much closer match than the ones I found! Thank you.

Actually, this is an exact match for the Gothic No. 7 that appears on p. 318 of De Vinne's "Plain Printing Types". The ATF gothics (from which New Gothic Condensed derives) are cleaned up versions of this. I know of no digital font that authentically captures the character of the original, including the much greater stroke contrast and various bits.

I can't easily find an image of the original - am tempted to scan...

Wow Raph – thank you for the awesomely accurate response! Now I just gotta dig up a copy of that somewhere (?!) and figure out if it's worth doing an entire menu in scanned letters.

Hmmm...... Or.

I'd love to get my hands on the original metal type and talk the ol' client into getting a small letterpress and do the entire menu in moveable type each night, but that might be going overboard.

One can always dream though...