Hi guys.
I need to identify the fonts in this logo:

I think «S», «&» and «A» are set in Eurostile.
But what about the rest?



I think the whole text is set in http://Acens
Copyright (c) Big Jack, 2003

Many thanks!

Giorgio: this Acens is a badly butchered version of Eurostile, by Aldo Novarese. Please restore it to its original self, don’t spread the pirated version.

Technically, it shouldn’t be defined as a “pirated version” (no more than H&FJ‘s Forza, for example).
Yes, the letters are probably modelled after Eurostile’s ones. But it lacks the signature superellipse curves of Novarese’s typeface, making it more akin to the countless geometric “futuristic” fonts out there, albeit a particularly bad one.
All that said, this Acena is a really fugly font. And it should be avoided whenever possible.