Help identifying this Art Nouveau (or Art Deco) typeface

This sample may have been modified from the typeface, but I know I've seen it out there before. Any help is appreciated.

(Sorry for the external image link, but the uploaders keep giving me cryptic errors.)


I scaled your image down 50%. It might have just been too big to load before.

Definitely not Art Deco. It's a Victorian style that probably pre-dates the more fluid look of Art Nouveau.

The spirals made me think of Kismet, but that is rounder, or Penelope, but that is squarer. If you click on Solotype, in the publisher credit of Penelope, you might find something closer. The B looks familiar but I think the rest is either modified or 100% custom.

Not the same either - Made me think of Bangle:

I knew I had seen it somewhere. The font is called Ringel; found it in The Quick Brown Fox filmtype catalog. I don't know of a digital version.

It's Central Type Foundry Art Initials...