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Drop Caps & Quotation Marks

Hey Guys,

Having worked in the book design industry for more than six months now, I've run into a situation numerous times where the beginning paragraph of a new chapter begins with a quotation mark. With a drop cap paragraph style assigned, the automatic styling is assigned to the quotation mark which, frankly, looks awful.

On to the question… Is there an accepted normal practice in this situation? I've been adding drop cap styling to the following character, so as the quotation mark and the first letter are "the drop cap". However, recently, I noticed that some books seem to remove the opening quote altogether, leaving just the first letter set as a drop cap.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

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Your solution is the most sensible one.
But you should also hang the quotation mark (so that the fist letter will vertically aligned regardless of the presenxe of quotations).

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