Typographic Candle Guard ... XOX

So ya, over the last little while one of my pet product projects is doing a series of candle guards. This one here is the prototype of my XOX candle guard.

Black letter would be extremely awesome (especially in the shadows), but for now I'm just trying out this letter shape loosely based on a cut of Kabel.

Thought I'd share...


That's very cool.

Consider making these in metal, and Crate & Barrel will
trip over themselves to sell 'em. You might even try to get
a patent on the idea of casting shadows of words in this way.

I once had the idea of lampshades that do that.


Terrific idea. But to be practical you need to have a base to catch the wax.

Looks good. I'm wondering if there could be a way to have letters there that would only be legible as such in the shadow, not the object itself. Kind of like those old anamorphotic paintings... hmm

And, hell yeah blackletter. Shadow textura? Sign me up.

Beautiful idea and execution!

About shadows' possibilities:

And: http://www.flickr.com/photos/powerofankur/5406427732/

About making it in metal: http://www.shapeways.com/

William, now I'm wondering if the melting wax could
somehow be made to form letters, or even the stencil
so that the message would change over time!

Nina, I think you could do that simply by making the
heights of the flame and the lettering very different.


Thanks for all your awesome comments! Coolio linkage too.

Next step will be cutting the steel (using water jet), roll it up, take it over to powder coat and then set into my fresh new old skool-esque candle holder. I'll post it up when done.

I'll try to do one in glass but no promises on that.

Thanks again :)