Help with these multiple faces on book jacket

Can y'all help with the differant faces on this book jacket called Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy



Oh God, what a mess!

I think still is a version of Bodoni, LIFE Bank Gothic or something similar, and TAXIDERMY Clarendon Light with a slant applied.

Can’t help with the others, sorry.

"still" seems like [[|Linotype Didot Headline]]

and "ADVENTURES" can be [[|Bauer Bodoni]]

Didot (H&FJ) & Sackers Gothic & Trade Gothic seems a brilliant resource... if the listed fonts can be relied on. Unfortunately not it appears.

H&FJ Didot looks to be right for still, [[|Michel Medium]] is also very close.

Sackers Gothic doesn’t look correct for LIFE until you figure out it’s Sackers Gothic Heavy specifically and these are the lowercase/small caps, not the caps. So a bit misleading there.

The author’s name though, that’s definitely not Trade Gothic (even the Condensed) with the straight sides on the O and G. Think it might be [[|Alternate Gothic No. 2]].