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This isn't exactly a typographic composition, but I didn't know where to put it, so here we go;

I created a targeted portfolio for a job I wanted... Now it seems I will not be getting the job as I haven't even got a reply for approximately 2 weeks, but that's just the way life is I guess :-]

So, I'm looking for comments as I didn't get any from her, just tell me if it's any good or if it's worthless... Or maybe a bit more indepth if you have the time.

By the way, the text is in Swedish unfortanly, but the images are still there. You get to the portfolio from the last link on the first page.


Thank you!

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> I created a targeted portfolio

Pretty smart.
And I think it looks good. Maybe add a little bit of subtle movement, here and there.


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Perhaps it was your intent to show a good
range or breadth, but it's not what comes to
my mind when you say 'targeted portfolio.'
(With illustrations, packaging, print and type in
one setting.)

That's my feedback without knowing your
intent or the 'requirements' of the job... good
luck with it.

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oh yeah. it might sound odd... the portfolio was targeted at a certain employer, and she wanted a broad range of work...

as for movement... maybe, but very subtle if any.

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> but very subtle if any.

Totally. And note that "movement" isn't necessarily cartesian. Just a gentle color gradation shift can do wonders.


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