Exclamation mark in Adobe Garamond

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If anyone understands the logic behind making the width of the exclamation mark in Adobe Garamond (not Premier Pro) smaller than the width of the period, enlighten me! This obviously leads to the spacing to the following character being smaller after an exclamation mark than after a period. Rather annoying in my book. I have observed the same phenomenon with Slimbach's Utopia typeface.


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I imagine the exclamation point was spaced optically with letters, but the period advance width was set to exactly 1/4em in order to make it exactly half the tabular figure width of 1/2em.

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Could be. It doesn't look very natural to me, anyway.

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Adobe: home of too-tight punctuation. Boo.

Adobe: EULA lets the end user fix things. Yea.

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