Typefaces in dictionaries

This is what I am interested in:


Note the entry for "a" for example (all typefaces used) and "Pronouncing the letter A" box. Are the headwords in Lucida Sans Unicode? :confused: (The IPA typeface is Charis SIL, I believe.) I've checked the document properties, but the typeface names are written 'non-explicitly'.

Which typefaces does this dictionary use?


And also these


Notably the headword, italics additional notes typeface and those in pale white explanation boxes (check First Pages).

Tha sans of the Cambridge dictionary is Le Monde Sans.

The other one is set in Times and Frutiger says the Imprint:

But the italics are not Times, which is why I've asked. It also doesn't specify the IPA typeface (which I know).

Thank you for Le Monde! The italics in the 'a' entry seemed awfully like (slanted) Lucida.

Typeface here:

and this one:

Sample 1 shows Le Monde Courrier. Sample 2 is Calisto (Italic).

Thank you! You've helped me a lot!

But what about the slanted typeface in the PDF above, for example in the entry for the letter a?

That’s an artificially (over)slanted Frutiger Condensed, I think.