"Typography 101" and "Typography 110" Resources?

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Hello all,

I'm trying to access the following Resources on Typophile:

"Typography 101"
An interactive course on Type Styles, by Jonathan Hoefler.

"Typography 110"
An interactive course on Type Design, by Jonathan Hoefler.

I initially thought that the reason I couldn't access these pages was because I didn't have an account. So, I signed up, then logged on, and I still can't get to these pages. Comments/suggestions concerning this matter would be appreciated.

Joe Konior

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Thanks for the reply. I had also performed a site search for "Typography 101", looking for an answer. As it turns out, the link you provided refers to the articles as "Type 101 and 110".

--Joe Konior

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I really wanted to read through the courses, so I found another way:
Typography 101
Typography 110

Maybe they'll resurface here on typophile some day.

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