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Hi guys

now I found time to improve my StandUp font for presenting it in this forum. At you will see it. I draw it directly at the computer whit a digitzer with FontLab4. Every letter is individuall.

The developing is going (special the numbers arent realy good) I made a little forum. You can click inside of the Flashmovie to make a remark for detail.

So tell me what you think!

Greetings Jens

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> You can click inside of the Flashmovie to make a remark for detail.

Now that's a really great idea! (Maybe add a way to control the size of the circle.)

I think Typophile should adopt/publicize this mechanism across the board.


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The Flash-feedback machine is excellent.
Overall, the font reminds me of a cross between
Scala Sans and Gill Sans. I'm not sure yet if
that's a good thing.


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Sorry Stephen, I disagree. I think it *is* a good thing. But, I see more Nobel in it than Gill.

At first, the upper bowl on the lc 'g' seemed
squashed, but after reading through the paragraph
it doesn't seem too squashed, only just a bit. And from the preview, the down-stroke on both the lc 't' and the lc 'a' seem a bit heavy. Also, the join between the stroke and the arm on the lc 'r' is too heavy? All questions. Not facts.

I love it in general and the figs are v. nice. Other weights?

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for the Flash-feedback: okay, okay I will make a little tutorial and some improvements (i.e. controling the zoom for Details) And what Hrant sad resizing the circle (hope i really can do this...)

to Stephen: Yes i could be there is the a little bit Gill in my font, but that wasnt my inspiration. The types get a very classic stile. But there is greater "wechselzug" than in Gill. (dont found the right english word)

to Tiffany: I will check it. The Problem is that a view on screen dont show all details and problems. Maybe that is the problem. But I dont really know. Recently I tryed to make the lc 'g' smaller but i think this version is better.
the down-strok of the a is stil very small. The a need a smaller downstroke (I learned it in this way...)! But there are many problems with the down-stroke width (you will see it at least on paper).
Im recently start to draw and digitize a italic version. But first i need to improve the numbers and developing the special sign, improving punctuation, accents or emphasize?

so long :-)

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Now I improved the Flash-Feedback. Now you can zoom and pan the stage and rezise the circle. Now I begin to make a little tutorial...

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... without Flash... Sorry the time goes to fast needed a 48h day for making tutorial and a better Flashfeedback.


What do you think about it?
Is the UC 'Q' okay for you?

Greatings Jens

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... Tutorial for the Flash-feedback is in work... (german and bad english)

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