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Hello everyone, please help me identify these 2 fonts...

these are my current obsessions, pls help me identify them. thanks.

the first one "beauty counter" case is done.


hey Alex, I dont think they 2 look similar...Thanks for your tips.

please help///

Second one seems to be modified Times.

Jan, yep, it looks like modified Times.

"BEAUTY Counter" must be Freight Big Pro Book

PS: The /t is a bit different, because is the /t of the old version Freight Big Book (not Pro).

thank you so much, fvilanakis.
now we have one font left to be identified.

I would look at Caslon for BEAUTY


To me they both look like Freight Big Book

"VIEW PRODUCTS" it's not Freight Big Book,
if you take a closer look you can see that /W /C & /S are all different.

I think Jan is actually correct,
it seems like a modified/thinner version of Times (New Roman)
created for display / titling.

up up

up up




Sample origin for "VIEW PRODUCTS"? I suspect some bespoke typeface...

that's the only image i have, don't have other samples. is that a kind of times new roman?

The contrast of a displayed face can often be modified by adding a stroke…


I think Times is on the right track, and I agree with Nick's comment, except that I think he meant 'adding' a negative (blank) stroke to make the lettering thinner. Maybe not TNR, but some version of Times, such as Times Ten? With negative stroke to make it thinner.

- Mike Yanega