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Besides Mstislav Rostropovich's cello,
Styrofoam 'Nothing Lost' album []
is the best thing I happend to listen to lately.


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Mostly listening to my wife play the piano. She is really exceptional. Chopin, Bartok, Liszt, whoever.
Lately my iPod has been pointed to Fleming, Cabal

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I've been listening to lots of Bl

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Esy tycheros, CL !

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Robert Wyatt

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Aside from my usual assortment, I've got some new additions in heavy rotation:

The Dears No Cities Left - I really like some tracks, I really don't like others.
Madvillain Madvillainy - Great stuff.
Mos Def Black on Both Sides - A classic I was long overdue to get.
Arcade Fire Funeral - I got sucked in by the blog hype, but it's really growing on me.
Handsome Boy Modelling School White People - I think I prefer their first album, but there are some great tracks here.

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The Napoleon Dynamite and The Life Aquatic soundtracks both have some great original scores.

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The Pernice Brothers, "Yours, Mine & Ours"

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I've stopped listening to music.
There are no pictures on the walls.
I'm reading a lot of books, though. (Different thread..)

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Also not to be overlooked

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The latest issue of K48 magazine ( has a great (as always) companion cd, not to mention really cool content.

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WGBO the best Jazz station on the east coast of the USA. You can listen anywhere in the world and on-line streaming

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zemfira, good choice!
since i've been at p22, i've been listening to obscene amounts of stereolab. that and the flaming lips (i laughted all the way through their version of "i just can't get you out of my head" today)

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Thievery Corporation - Outranational Sound
Zero 7 - When It Falls
Air - Talkie Walkie
Combustible Edison - Impossible World
Klement Julienne - Panamerican

To name a few.

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About music I finally edited a postcard specimen with names of songs on it as fake text. (Who can be more on booth subjects than me, eh! ;) :P
Postcard + top 12

and that page for what I really listen everyday, it change all the time, less these days, as I'm in NY and not at my usual place.

Also, must point out that ichatstatut that many of us use with iChat.

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I just got a digital music player -- an iRiver, because I prefer ogg files to mp3 -- and I'm having great fun rediscovering long neglected bits of my music collection by putting the full thing on shuffle. Some of the transitions are a bit jarring: from Momus to a movement of Penderecki's 2nd cello concerto to the latest Green Day album to the solemn Alma Redemptoris Mater.

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Bach's lute suites transcribed for guitar
performed by Manuel Baruecco...

...studying them though is a different kettle of fish!

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Here is one of my playlists from iTunes to which I've been listening quite a lot lately.

Party Mix.txt (228.6 k)

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- Stuff I've written about music
- My Audioscrobbler page (Join the Typophiles group!)
- The Arcade Fire, live pics
- My 2004 top 20 list:

1 The Arcade Fire - "Funeral"
2 Kings of Convenience - "Riot On An Empty Street"
3 Modest Mouse - "Good News..."
4 Interpol - "Antics"
5 Joanna Newsom - "The Milk-Eyed Mender"
6 Sondre Lerche - "Two Way Monologue"
7 Sufjan Stevens - "Seven Swans"
8 A.C. Newman - "The Slow Wonder"
9 DeVotchKa - "How It Ends"
10 Stina Nordenstam - "The World Is Saved"
11 David Byrne - "Grown Backwards"
12 Jolie Holland - "Escondita"
13 Adem - "Homesongs"
14 Iron & Wine - "Our Endless Numbered Days"
15 Franz Ferdinand - "Franz Ferdinand"
16 Rogue Wave - "Out Of The Shadow"
17 Pinback - "Summer In Abaddon"
18 Mus - "Divina Luz"
19 Air - "Talkie Walkie"
20 Ed Harcourt - "Strangers"

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