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Script Logo for clothing brand

It says CRFTY. The brand sells clothes in the streetwear genre, and also sells leather goods.
I can't seem to insert an image, i get an error, so here is a link.

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Nice. I like the bottom one. Perhaps make the crossbar on t a little shorter.

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Hmm, that's not how I learned to make a cursive /f/.

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Overall, very nice. I like the bottom one. Here are a few suggestions.

1-The bottom curve of the 'C' isn't as smooth as it could be. If this is drawn in Illustrator view the word in outline view and put one anchor at the top of the 'C' where you see a flat portion on the line and another one on the flat portion on the bottom of the 'C'. Remove any other anchors and pull the line out and adjust the handles to get a nice smooth shape. The curve should look smoother coming down the backside of the 'C'. Do the same for the inside.

2-the line coming up from the 'C to the 'r' is nice.

3- add a bit of weight to the heavy down-stroke of the 'r' to better match the weight of the other letters.

4-I think the word would flow nicer if you continued the upstroke from the 'r' right into the loop of the 'f'. This might mean the loop of the 'f' will be smaller. You'll have to try it to see if you like it or if it will work at all. Also, in general, watch your weights of the joining lines, they should all be the same weight.

5-the down-stroke of the 'f ' is nice. The loop at the bottom going into the 't' could be a bit smoother. It seems to take an awkward turn coming out of the 'f'.

6-the 't' looks good. Maybe shorten the right side of the crossbar of the 't' so it isn't coming so close to the 'y'.

7-make the joining line from the 't' to the 'y' enter the 'y' a bit smoother rather than sticking into the 'y'

8-the bottom loop on the 'y' is nice but maybe close the loop up a bit so the exit on the right side is nicer.

Hope this helps and I hope my suggestions makes sense. Nice work!

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I will do some work. I find the cross bar of the /t is a bit too light and a bit too long as Ivan Angelic mentioned . The connection between the /r and /f should be in the same angle and a bit higher to avoid to have that spot under the bar. I would to draw the counter of the /f and /y at the same size. The bottom of the /f and /y should be at the same hight and those curves in the same look, actually the y is round and the f a bit square. Keep going.