Lith - inspired by Alice in Wonderland

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Lith is a hand-drawn headline typeface inspired by Alice In Wonderland and the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. “Flawed” comes with a lot of alternate letters, ligatures, beginnings.

“Mad” contains icons with catch-words, card- & chess symbols and other gimmicks.

Available now at myfonts:
Lith Flawed & Mad

"Lith Mad" is available for free until the end of 2011 and until december 24, 2011 there is a 25% OFF "Lith Flawed"

(c) 2011 Typocalypse Types

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Nice catchwords! :-)

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Loving the dark background.

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Nicely drawn.
I like the way you've stylized the suggested material into a somewhat matted faux fur, which is a scalable shape rather than a size-specific texture, disguising the obvious "vector-line" and auto-trace quality that such detailing often has.

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thanks a lot!! :)

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