Fonts in Filemaker Pro: iPad, on screen, cross-platform issues, recommendations

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Hello Gals et Guys:

I have a friend that seriously depends on Filemaker. He was using Georgia for form entry. I recommended he change the font to a sans to improve onscreen appearance on his iPad. Neue Helvetica is being used now which is magnitudes more legible. Remote or guest users also have the ability to make entries to the database.

So here are some issues:

I recommended to my friend that he use Neue Helvetica for the database because this font is present on all his idevices: iPad, iPhone, and mac. But when remote users make entries or changes, the database does not automatically convert the formatting to the font he specified.

Is there a way to have Filemaker reformat remote or guest entries to the database default?

Is it possible to upload other fonts onto the iPad or iPhone for database entry.

While Neue Helvetica is okay. I am thinking that Corpid Semi Condensed is perfect for the job.

I’m not sure if hinting is really an issue... some fonts that have hinting butcher the on-screen appearance.

From what I understand, Filemaker does not accept opentype fonts on Windows.

Please recommend space efficient sanserif types.

I thought of Myriad, Frutiger, Corpid, and even Tahoma. Anything else I need to know.

Thank you for your assistance,

Mike Diaz :-)

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