Please looking for a font

I'm trying to identify two typefaces for a project.

This one might be a corporate font. I don't know which one exactly. It is being used by Telefónica for their advertising communication.

This other seems to be Frutiger. If so, I'm not sure which cut of Frutiger it is.

I would be very happy if you have any suggestion of similar fonts that might work as well on screen as these two. Thanks everyone.


The second one is Myriad

Thanks Renko.

I think this is Myriad.

It is thanks, what about the other any idea?

The first one is close to Priva One

The /g seems a bit different, but it could be due to the small size rasterization
I don't know...

Yep, that's the one Movistar Text. I love the friendly Fontsmith designs.

Could anybody suggest any other font similar to Movistar text (this one is not for sale). There are others like Priva One or even Droid Sans Pro but I would like to try a few. It goes without saying that they will be use on screen only.

Thanks to all.