Aviano Didone Sans?

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Recently I been working on the latest member of the Aviano series. I hope that you'll take a look and give me some suggestions about the design; I appreciate any feedback.

I am also trying to decide on a name. I'm not really happy with any of these ideas. If you have a better one, let me know.

Aviano Grotesque

Aviano Contrast

Aviano Sans Didone

Thank You!

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Aviano Stress

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Not "Grotesque," because that really refers to a specific range of sans styles, which this typeface doesn't fit into.

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I think Contrast is your best bet. The others are too ambiguous. Stress is accurate but has a negative connotation for those many who don't know the typographic term.

Your 'S' is leaning backward, btw.

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Good comments. I considered "Stress," "Stressed" or "Stressed Sans," but I want to avoid the word. Currently going with contrast.

I made some adjustments; mostly subtle, but the K and R are perhaps the most visibly changed. I balanced the 's' and adjusted some letter widths. I am working on the kerning; here is what I have so far. I'd appreciate comments on the kerning and spacing in particular as I feel I am not so great at it. Also, it seems more difficult or less forgiving with extended faces.

Kerning/Spacing Sample: http://www.insignedesign.com/pdfs/AvContrastinitialkerns.pdf


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S still needs help.

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Some updates, including a whole mess of alternate characters.

S still imbalanced? Let me know. It looks fine to me, but if you can point out why you feel it is imbalanced, please do so. I did make a few minor adjustments to it.

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Thank you all for your comments. The final version is available here: Aviano Contrast

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You have a talent for drawing eagles AND fonts :-)

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