left leaning italic/upright italic

Hi everybody,
could somebody give my advice where can I find some information about reverse italic from history? or upright italic? Where can I find some left leaning text typeface? (I don't mean typefaces used for german cartographic maps) Thanks.


A quick pointer: in cartography left-leaning italics are used for rivers.


Yes I know about it, but I'm trying to find some another historical source, nevertheless thank you!

Concerning upright Italics, you might ask Martin Majoor.



could you point me towards a citation/reference for the left leaning italics in cartography

... thats the only other place I've seen it too. I've contacted some cartography experts and they cant find me an example either...

Thanks for the trail, I'll keep my nose to the ground.

This might be your best lead:


haha, thnx. I've already email him though...


The German word "linkskursiv" (literally "left italic") was presumably used first in conjunction with the Bauer foundry typeface "Venus linkskursiv". In old German-English typeface catalogs, it was translated as "Venus reclining". For modern samples see www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/venus/venuslinkskursiv

What's amazing about Kursivschrift is that it looks so 21st-century.


Agreed, I think its the ball terminals and the extended finishes/serifs