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Hi everybody,
could somebody give my advice where can I find some information about reverse italic from history? or upright italic? Where can I find some left leaning text typeface? (I don't mean typefaces used for german cartographic maps) Thanks.

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Hi, there are a few notes in the book »Kursiv« (Henrik Weber | Niggli) about upright and left cursives. But not a bunch of information, unfortunately. For upright italics you could research a bit in the direction of ff seria or vllg odile (there are certainly more).
Also I am currently working on a left italic semi script for gestalten fonts to be delivered by end of February.
Since i like this genre as well, i am curious what you intend to do with these?

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Hi, is this book also in English? Well, I'm interested in this kind of type because my handwriting is also left leaning, so I would like to find out how people with this handwriting can perceive it in text, but also how impression can feel other people. So mostly I'm keen of reverse italic. I'm looking forward when I will see your version :)

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For an upright italic you might try Joos:


The link contains a (very short) amount of history, but you might try contacting the designer for any research he may have conducted.

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(Oh sorry, i am new here and missed the updates on this thread)

no, this book is in german, unfortunately. There is not much information about this as well.

i will try to translate in short:

· they were/are rather marginally relevant
· origins from diverse applications as the need for more than one distinction
· most important ambit: cartography (mainly for river names)
· usage in advertising industry for unique effects
· from time to time still seen on posters and other advertising media

· in the division of handwriting it occurs much more
this seems to be less attributable to some templates than rather a product of individual handwriting

(like you told for your case)

and then I remember some templates in the (spencarian (?)) penmanship books (available in the web)

I hope this could help a bit

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before I forgett it again, here is my left italic »Canary«


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Mark, I really like Canary, particularly in the lighter weights. It is incredibly legible even at very small sizes.

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thank you Karl. I really appreciate this.

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yes I agree, very nice work!

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