Neat font needs identifying; too bad company is missing =(

[I really only need the font used to spell out "PRTM" identified, please.]

So, I saw a font that I'd like to use on my own site, but when I attempted to contact the company regarding what font they used, they responded with an email telling me they had been bought out and simply had no record of the font used on what used to be their logo and had no way to contact the designer who made their logo.

If anyone can identify this font, you'd be my personal hero. I managed to find the old logo posted online here:


WhatTheFont points out it's a modified version of Gabriel Sans:

I got a similar result from WhatTheFont, but that isn't quite right because what I really liked were diagonal cuts on the "P" and the "R" where the loop closed. And, Gabriel Sans doesn't do that. Even the modified versions don't quite do it. I do appreciate the attempt. Have any other suggestions/ideas/guesses?

What do you mean by "Even the modified versions don't quite do it"?

Modifying type means to change some aspect of the type. Likely, these notches are the thing changed.