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Skeleton Finger Fountain Pen

This has got to be my favorite project at the moment. Seriously steppin' into the Goth side of life with this project, it's due out in limited numbers spring 2012 :)
Working with the fountain pen manufacturer, the main design challenge is trying to keep the barrel size as close to actual bone size as I can (redesign of standard cartridge seems to be required).

It'll be simply awesome when the pen (both ball point and cartridge) and pencil (mechanical) prototypes are done!! A detail I really want to pursue is to have the upper nob created in the shape of a crown, I think it would compliment the Gothness of it all :)

Thought I'd share...


Seriously...I have a collaborative project I do with 3 other writers - the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse. We have have books out with Yard Dog Press. I write the Death character -- and I so want one of these to do Redhead signings. We have a new book coming out in early 2012 - I know they won't be ready then, but I can't wait.

Do you have a price point for them yet? I will start saving pennies now.

Four Redheads of the Apocalypse ... lovely!

I'll get one together for you as soon as possible, shoot me an email: neil @ graphicdeclaration dot com, fair exchange if you could send me a couple photos of the pen in use during a book signing.

Over the weekend I finished up the calligraphy model (with interchangeable nibs) ruff proto. Crazy cool dipping it into the inkwell and seeing the excess ink drip off the nib of the entire design.

Next step is to nail (no pun intended ;)) down the cap designs...

Thanks for your comment!

Sign me up for the calligraphy version. The fountain pen collector in me is in a swoon. :)

Leigh, cut to the bone with your comment ... of course I'll sign you up.

Thanks :)