Branding Egypt's new political parties

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Don't blame me. I voted for Nikon.

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Democracy rules!


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That is just as stupid as selecting animals for logos ... like a elephant and a donkey.

Oh, wait ...

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The Republican elephant and Democrat donkey both originated as less than flattering portrayals of the parties, their supporters or candidates, which were then subverted to become positive emblems. The 19th Century cartoonist Thomas Nast was instrumental in both cases. I think this kind of evolution is much preferable to either the assignment of symbols by an election office as in Egypt, or the branding of parties by advertising agencies. To have had one's candidate called a jackass in 1828 and to be wearing the emblem with pride almost two hundred years later seems to me admirable.

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In Sweden seven out of the eight parties in parliament have a flower as a symbol, I assume starting with the Social Democrats' rose, which after all is a common symbol across Europe, but sort of spiraling away from there. The one exceptions is the mainstream centre-right Moderates, who use a stylised letter M as a symbol instead.

Social Democrats = Rose
Left Party (ex-communist) = Carnation
Green Party = Dandelion
People's Party (law-and-order right, ex-neoliberal, ex-liberal) = Cornflower
Center party (neoliberal, ex-agrarian) = Clover
Christian Democrats = Wood Anemone
Sweden Democrats (racist right-wing extremists) = Hepatica

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I don't know. I think it's a lot less confusing to vote for the glowing piano in outer space than trying to punch which hole where?

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"Green Party = Dandelion"

I love that!

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The point relevant to font formats has been either completely ignored or missed my dunder-headed format fokkers.


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