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Joined: 22 Jan 2005 - 11:52am
Type 101

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, but I love these forums
and have already learned many things
about type that I didn’t know before.

I was wondering if anyone had any
suggestions about books or
resources that are ESSENTIAL
for a young designer looking
to learn more about typography.

So far, I’ve been told:
Robert Bringhurst- The Elements
of Typographic Style


Erik Spiekermann- Stop Stealing
Sheep & find out how type works

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Joined: 8 May 2004 - 11:00am

This comes up frequently. Most recently in this thread. Poke around a bit in the archives, and you’ll find some gems.

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Joined: 24 Apr 2004 - 11:00am

Oi, ciao, you could buy yourself this book
for your birthday : http://tinyurl.com/4o82j
Happy Birthday.