Business Card critique

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It;s my first post on this forum so Hello Everyone.

Today I finally had some spare time to design my personal business card.

I'd like to hear some criticism or suggestions so I can improve to improve the typography and layout.

Thank you

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Is the logo up for crit or just the card?

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Both since the logo is new too

I had much trouble with kerning the letters "BAB" but I have only began my adventure with type so don't be hard on me :)

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I like the cards. I like the logo's type as well. I am confused about the 'st' part, however.

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Well I just thought it would be nice to add some color to it so it wouldn't look too dull but on the other hand isn't "st' and abbreviation for saint or street in english. ( which is not my first language)

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It just seems very arbitrary and makes it read BABOON UDIO. I do like the contrast in typefaces and color, though.

What if you instead use the typeface that's for 'st' now and make that the typeface for your tagline?

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I did what you suggested and Im not sure which version I like more

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Without appearing completely stupid, is that baboon like the ape. Which is a great name for a studio, but then the overall look of the card is clinical and safe.

To me there is very little design factor coming thru on the card, it looks like any other card out there, ok, the pink is a bit adventurous.

Now excuse my ignorance while I go down the baboon (ape) tangent, if the ape link is the case why not take it out into left field. Have a plain white card with the back of a baboons head on it, with the name of the studio shaved into it.

Food for thought, it all boils down to how you want to position yourself in the market.

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The whole idea was to stay simple - hence the tagline. I probably should have picked different name for my studio because I prefer simple, clean design and baboon well it doesn't match the whole concept :)

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Very nice and simple, except that it's easy to just read Baboon Udio. I think that in order to justify the emphasis on the St, it has to have some meaning behind it so that it would be more effective. The overall composition of the card is really great, though.

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