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Hi out there,

Below is a concept for updating an identity (Donovans) that for the past thirty years has used a scripty like font in a couple variations. Here's their website to see the logo in action (we didn't design the site). In one of the initial meetings with Donovans, they mentioned that wanted to explore a totally different direction b/c they are moving to a new location and it wasn't bold enough when contained in logo soup.

Donovans is a women's clothing store that caters to the thirty-five to fifty year old professional. Similar stores would include Lord & Taylor and Marshal Fields. Part of my inspiration came from and where the logotypes visually seemed pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, in the end they felt they had too much equity in the script and decided that is where the energy should be spent in making it better. Too bad, but I guess that's why design is considered a business rather than art. As a critique visually, any comments?



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Well, the "D" needs a smoother curve (especially at the top), and the "V" and "A" are clotting a bit, and I might make the "S" more narrow/closed, but I personally like it. On the other hand, unless they start selling clothing for dominatrix, I'm not sure it's appropriate. :-/


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I suppose for the discriminate dominatrix it would be a good fit, but since it's not you may be right Hrant about being inappropriate... ;P

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I like the look of it but it does read heavy on the masculine influence. Certainly a stark contrast to a Marshall Fields srpingtime script.

The way the specimen is shown as stark black on white probably influences the feel also. I bet a really elegant inline effect or 3D convex gold letter would certainly move the feeling back toward an upscale women's shop.

Stuart :D

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In Germany there is a womens wear and underwear lable called Lindex: I lke the logo, because it is very feminin and very subtle.
maybe this can give you a few ideas. I think your logo is not subtle enough.


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Lindex is in Sweden also, I like the E, with its subtle connotation of female breasts.

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Or asscrack?


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yeah... if you wanna be plump. :)

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Richard: are you more into double A?



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anyone else see subtle connotations in the "oral b" logo? ;-,

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I would return to the script version and make it bolder like they want. I don't think you were off target in the design, its just they have an identity already. There

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It's amazing. I thought, as did Michael, along
those same lines ... ergo 'the discriminate

one of the problems I can see is that you've a few too
many typographic/graphic tricks going on for such a
small word. The 'S'seems foreign and too open. the 'V' and
the 'A' seem foreign as well... or maybe it should be said
that the "ONO .. N" are one family, the "VA" are another,
the "S" a third and the "D" a fourth. I like the idea behind
the "D", but then the trick is gone and it is all monoline
and round then it is monoline and sharp and so on.
Could you incorporate the trick of the "D" somewhat in
the "N"s? I think the "D" is strong, but because of how
strong it is, visually, it is alienating the other characters.

after reading this ... "trick" is too strong a word. "style"
suits my thoughts more.

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