Kerning Font

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Hi you clever people!

Ok so I would like some feedback and help on whether or not I've kerned my font correctly. I wanted the nice airy space in between letters, but does it look okay?
Thanks so much, it's my first attempt and I want it super perfecto!


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TE is a tad too loose. And I would tighten the wordspace.
Good effort!

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Thanks Bert, so you reckon bring the TE closer, and even bring the letters overall closer? does the spacey look not work? lol sorry for the questions, it's for my own little brand so it's my baby:)

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I think he means to tighten a bit the space between the two words (i.e. between Y and A), not inside them.

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Is this looking better?

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There's too much space between L and I, and maybe too little between I and E.

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