SPEED GRAPHIC font: 30s-era/retro condensed oblique sans serif

Looking for this SPEED GRAPHIC font or another comparable to the style/era. Love the nuance of the R in relation to the other letters, as well as the borderline uniform stroke quality.

Can anyone ID?

Thanks for the help!


This appears to be the product graphic of the Speed Graphic logo. Speed Graphic was the venerable camera of photo-journalists prior to the 35mm era.
I doubt that there is an actual typeface to match. There are several condensed light italic sans serifs that get close except for the R which you care about. Univers might give you a similar feel but it is not a match, for sure.

Here are a few choices to look at: Escort, Breuer, and Heroic




Yes, I realize I misphrased my initial post in that I'm not looking for the font "speed graphic," but rather the font that would be used for logo design. Thanks Chris.

I've found that Heroic Condensed Oblique (http://typetrust.com/font/heroiccondensed) and Filmotype Escort (http://new.myfonts.com/search/filmotype+escort/fonts/) have similar qualities, but lack the nuance of this face. Will compare with Univers as well...

Ha! Just saw your post while I was writing mine. Breuer was the other I was looking at as well from Type Trust. 3/3 then. At least I'm swimming in the right pool.

Wearetrippen Tall has an R that gets a little closer too, but doesn't come in oblique. Trump Gothic is also close.

I doubt if you will find anything closer than you have. If you MUST have that R, you might contact the foundry (TypeTrust or whoever) of the font you choose and ask them to change the R for you? There will be a fee, but you will get what you want.

The Fontry "Excursions" is the closer you can get.

Maybe it is just my old eyes but it seems as though ether Breuer or Heroic look much closer to the sample? The R is what he really wants most

The Fontry image you linked to is pretty low rez though.

Looks a bit too contrasty and too condensed to me to match his sample.

Here is "Heroic" by Silas Dilworth:

A bit of letterspacing and you are good to go.