Help Identifying This Font on my daughters Gi

Hello, I am trying to identify this font on my daughters Gi

Any thoughts?


You can find this font under the following names:

Copyright (c) 1986-1995 SWFTE International Ltd

Company Info:
SWFTE International was a software developer based out of Miami, Florida.
SWFTE International was started by David H. Goodman as a font developer but gradually began developing games as well. They created several card games under the Bicycle logo and had plans to develop other types of games. Their font software work brought a copyright infringement lawsuit by Adobe and several others; the suit was settled with SWFTE agreeing to pay damages. Shortly after the settlement they were acquired by Expert Software, Inc in 1995.

All 4 fonts copyright look like this:
Oriental Digital Typeface Data Licensed from the WSI-Font Collection.
Copyright (c) 1992 Weatherly Systems Inc

=> WSI is out of business since 2003:
=> More info on the Company:
Font Forgeries by Weatherly Systems Inc

(C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH
=> Brendel is also known for many font-forgeries

So that leaves me wonder...
is there any legitimate source for someone to acquire this font or not?

Thank you so much. That was most helpful. Now the search begins for any place I can legally purchase/license it. Without a name well its nearly impossible.