Please ID Castaway-like bamboo font

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I found this on a random free font page as "BAMBOO.TTF" (see attachment). It's very similar to Castaway. No author info or other details were provided. I haven't been able to find it elsewhere under any name containing the word "bamboo", so it's possible that the filename is misleading.

I'd like to confirm that the font is free, or buy it if not.

Thanks for your time!

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Mmm... The Castaway’s source seems indeed the same of this one (minus the ropes) and whoever did this probably didn’t have a complete specimen (not one that contained X anyway). So I think it’s more like an autotrace of an old typeface than a rip-off of an existing font.
Anyway, you could ask Castaway’s author ( about the origin of the design.
A similar (albeit in my opinion less vibrant) take on the genre would be House Industries’ Tiki Palms (

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Confucius from Solotype, as found in the Special Effects and Topical Alphabets book from Dover.

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Good find. It looks like it's the "ropeless" version:

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Thanks! So someone presumably digitized or copied the font, added the ropes, and released it for free?

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It could be there’s another source (maybe the same from which Dan X. Solo reproduced Confucius) already with ropes, but by now I don’t think there is a commercial version of it out there (even the Solopedia call it a version of Confucius:

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OK, great. Thanks again!

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