(x) Another cover

Just one more id for you. I can’t seem to find this one myself. Thank you.


That’s Simplex TR.

Geez, this is turning into a chat. I’m missing all the posts
while I respond to the last one! Haha.

I’ll accept Coles, Stephen, Fathead, or Jerkface. In real life
my pals call me “Stewf”.

Now I’m going to bed. Happy morning to the Euros!

(American) football coach? Yuck! I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Nah, I’m just an overenthousiastic Belgian bozo, and I kinda like this place: at least I can talk Typoguese without everyone looking at me like I’m from another planet.

G’night! ;)

You three need to get a room!



bj LOL!

I realize my “lover” quote could be interpreted as a bit risqu

just curious where the chicken fits into the, uh, equation.

> I realize my “lover” quote could be interpreted as a bit risqu

bj, you really don’t want to know about the chicken, trust me. You nincompoop… :-)

I don’t wanna roam a dead serious virtual community, emphasis on “dead”. Why do you think people come to us to inquire and debate? See Keith’s remark at the top of his If you could only use 5 typefaces… thread. We’re becoming a force to be reckoned with. (is that last sentence English? :/ )

ja, het is goed engels. ;)

By the way, Yves, seeing as you like “nincompoop”, did you know that the root of the equally quaint “poppycock” comes from “pappekak”? I’ll leave you to translate that for others here, heh.

Could this post be any more off-topic?

Hi David! You’re making good progress I see. Soon we’ll be able to have these conversations in Dutch. ;)

“Nincompoop” betrays my love for the work of the ever wonderful Bill Watterson. “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”

And I possibly couldn’t translate “pappekak” without having the automated self-censorial functionalithingie of this board turn everything into red dots. =D I found a loophole though: it doesn’t censor British expletives. I used one in my introduction in the Uppercase section (the part about my former colleague shagging our boss) and it didn’t flinch. Gotcha!

Stephen has always asked me to call him Professor Coles, the Erudite. It seemed so fitting, I’ve never considered it any other way.

WOW, Dave! I wouldn’t have found that one in a million years. Is he good or is he GOOD, folks?

I’ve forgotten all about this one. Looks lovely on that cover.

Hehe, Yves. Two words: MyFonts WhatTheFont.

Aww, now I just sound bitter because my performance has
been awfully weak of late. Dave is on the ball, and his
speed is remarkable.

No, Coles is right — it was a very good day for Whatthefont, 2 for 2. (This and Kaw Valley.)

But also, I might as well mention — and this you won’t find on MyFonts — I prefer either “Cheshire,” “Chesh,” “Cheshiredave,” just not “Dave.” I shed that thing long ago.

I’m gone for the weekend tomorrow — id some doozies while I’m gone, fontslingers.

Hey, Stephen, don’t be so hard on yourself, really! It’s not our individual performance that counts, it’s just that we’re a kick-a$$ scorching hot Type ID team. The competitive banter is just there to make sure we’re not getting too full of ourselves and stay sharp. Jared was right: “Those other font-ID sites can’t hold a candle to our speed-demons.”

You got it, Chesh! What about you, Mr. Coles: will it be Stephen or Scoles? I’m okay with Yves or Troubleman. ;p

Yves Peters: Are you now or were you ever a football
(American or real) coach?

Good pep talk. But I am now going to revert to bitterness
and complain that I miss all the IDs ‘cause I’m so busy
marking and iconing the threads that are complete. Who’s
idea was that extra moderator work, anyway? Hmm…