'Le Peuple De Paris au XIXe Siecle' affiche ( neo - ) grotesque titling face

Does anyone recognize this ( neo- ) grotesque titling typeface in the following affiche:

What the font results in Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed, but the 'S' seems to be a bit more stylized/different. also, the corners of the affiche face appear to be rounded.


I'm probably wrong but it looks close to [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/alternate-gothic/|Alternate Gothic]] to me or may be [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/trade-gothic/bold-condensed-no-20-...|Trade Gothic Condensed Bold no20]], mainly different on the /E. Even if, like you, I'm not sure about the apparent roundness (could be the quality of your sample), there's also [[http://www.linotype.com/617040/TradeGothicNextSoftRounded-family.html|Trade Gothic Next Soft Rounded]].


Alternate Gothic
• Feels very close.

Trade Gothic Condensed No. 20
• Same as Alternate gothic, Could be it!

Trade Gothic Next Soft Rounded
• Probably not the affiche typeface but very appealing :)

I think it's [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/t26/vinyl/|Vinyl]]

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Nice find, fvilanakis. I've been watching this thread hoping it would get identified so I could see the rest of the family and look into buying it. Love the subtle round corners!

@ fvilanakis: Yes looks like it — Thanks for solving this!