Need help identifying this font

Hello all,

I'm looking for this font to use for my company house-style. Now I recently found this font on a website and would really like to know it's name so I can find / buy it.

Thank you so much for your help :-)




Edit: no, the j says it’s more like Century Gothic.

Thank you for your comment. I've added some more screenshots of the same font-face. Maybe this makes it easier to identify.

I must say the Century Gothic has many elements in common, especially the numbers, but the letters are less gracious to me.

Base is definitely Futura. The "j" looks like it's from IKEA Sans.


Do you remember the website where you've found it? The identification process could be easier...

It's being used on the following page, but only some parts of it, where you actually see a calendar:

If the link doesn't work please try the folowing:

When I look at the IKEA sans it does look in common, but I still don't see for example the same 'f' and 'j'.

The IKEA Sans:

Futura No. 2 from URW has a hooked j.

- Mike Yanega

Futura No. 2 from URW has a hooked j.

But a different hook’s shape.

Funny thing is they're surely using Futura on this http://page ("...Kijk hier..." with a regular /j). So I guess it's a custom job based on Futura (just can't believe they actually use Ikea Sans even it looks very close).