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Typofly font


I think it's the free font Brawler by Oleg Frolov
with a customized /F

Good catch fvilanakis! Don't think that's the one, even customized but it's a nice alternative. Reminds me also Skolar and Tabac (G3 or G4). I guess with a name like this "TYPOFLY", there are some possibilities it could have been drawn by the "Luka" himself. The easiest way would probably to ask directly to him by email.

The a is very in the zeitgeist: clumpsy, childish. (Latino?) The g reminds me of Unger. Oversized inktraps: check, chunky serifs: check, ligatures that draw attention to themselves: check. Darn, I wish type designers wasn’t such a herd.

And oh, the top line might not be the same typeface as below.

My thoughts exactly, Frode. The flock mentality of many type designers is hopefully but a phase, and mainly a result of too easy access to the means of production. They will all be forgotten tomorrow.

Type design isn't isolated from the worlds of graphic design, marketing, advertising, etc. Aesthetic trends are part of that and always will be. Aesthetically, jumping on stylistic bandwagons can be see as tired by those in the industries, but it is also often just plain good business appealing to the pop-culture desires of the particular period in time.

> The flock mentality of many type designers is hopefully but a phase

No way - it's here to stay - in fact it never left.
Designers are human, and like the rest of the population are 90% followers.
Don't be sad - be glad: if you can stand apart, more power to you! :-)


Yes, I know you're right. I'm just a wishful thinker. And I like your conclusion.

I like this, I don't think it deserves derision - it looks well executed with thought and consideration.

Maybe see if you can get Luka himself to stop by and discuss:


Hey guys!
Well, thank you all for sharing your opinion on this .jpg

So... No it is not Brawler or any other font out there, it is my Review. The image you see here is typed in one of the first digitized versions of it. It look a bit different now, but it is not finished yet. All the lines are typed in Review Regular (the first line is in small caps).
Why is it still in this first version and not in the corrected one? Well, because I'm not really active on any forum or blog or whatever site out there where my web site is mentioned I didn't think that anyone will see it, so I've left it by the time I finished the web site. Seems I was wrong :) Anyway, Review was designed to be used in newspapers. It was my school project last year. And now, I'm trying to correct it where needed. Also I'm designing some other cuts of the text and some of the display version.

P.S. Thant you Nick Cooke :) You are right, it was drawn with thought and consideration. I am sorry that you've all seen this really bad and compressed jpg of an early version, but still... I am glad to hear an opinion. I'll post you some examples when I finish it. Ok? :)