Need help with font ID or finding similar font

I am looking for this kind of feel. Any suggestions. This is most likely a custom font so I am interested in font suggestions that echo this feel, or could be used as a basis to create something similar.

Thanks in advance!


Not very close but you may like the following
as an initial inspiration point:

Halo Condensed - 2003 Iconian Fonts -
Exert Bold - Copr.1996 Angus R. Shamal
Armada Bold - Copr. 1994 Tobias Frere-Jones
DirtyClutch - (c) 1998 tabertype
Tokyo TwoSolid - (c) 1992 Neville Brody & The Font Bureau Inc.

Close, but not yet what I am looking for. Thank you so much for your help!!!
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