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Non-matrix dotted typeface

I've seen this beautiful typeface in projects designed mostly by designers out of England and Australia. I can find poor imitations only. I would LOVE to finally add it to my collection. Thanks!


I think I see what you mean. Your sample is not a dot matrix font, as most similar styles are. In yours, the dots do not line up matrix-style, but rather like they were hand-punched in order to space the dots very evenly.

I seem to remember questions like this in the past, and I thought someone found a good digital version. Maybe someone else here remembers this?

- Mike Yanega

I might also (please) suggest that you edit the title of your post to that people who remember this past quest would know to look at your post. Perhaps "Non-matrix dotted font" or something along those lines? (As the poster who started the thread, you can edit the title.)

- Mike Yanega

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. Hope someone will remember! Daniele

This is the thread I was trying to recall. Letraset Pinball has not been digitized, and it is not exactly the same as yours, but it is closer. You might try google searches for it, just in case someone decided to digitize it.

- Mike Yanega

Harold Lohner's Bead chain is in a similar vein:


"Includes upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters. BEAD CHAIN/MARQUEE is a free download."

Thanks for the comments! Yes, it is the precision of the even spaces that really appeals to me. Perhaps I'll go to a bookstore and look at typography books. I tried http://www.tineye.com/ which fared better (for other images not included here) than a Google search, but still no match. -D.

I seem to remember questions like this in the past, and I thought someone found a good digital version. Maybe someone else here remembers this?

Google-searching Typophile for "Stella McCartney" turns up some threads that might have useful information. (Her logo uses such letters and has been asked about on the ID forum a number of times.)

6x7oct is similar, but I think it doesn't have the even spaces you are looking for...

Slightly different. Still impeccable...

Another thread with suggestions:

I think I found a close one:
National First Font Dotted

and another one having even spaces, by Nick Curtis: Dot Soon NF
...but all links to MyFonts are broken,
or maybe they don't sell it anymore?

Wow, good eye, fvilanakis! Thank you! I downloaded National First Font Dotted but it has minor problems. It is warning me to proceed with caution. I really like Dot Soon NF. I'm going to look to find it. -D

You could ask Nick himself: http://typophile.com/user/6470/contact

Yyyess, I will! Thank you, riccard0.

Alan Dempsey's 'Pinball' - apparently available direct from him. HORRIBLE flash website, but if you can navigate through it, you will find these specimens of 'Pinball', as well as 'Pinball 2' and 'Pinball Condensed':




There seem to be a couple of 'alternate' glyphs in your Curtis Stone example, perhaps custom work by Mr. Dempsey?

Thank you Alan, another great new development! I will definitely look into purchasing Pinball as well.

Between this and having just bought Dot Soon NF through Nick Curtis directly, I must say I am most pleased with my first venture onto this Typophile site.

Thank you all! –D

As well as National First Font Dotted...I'm a very happy camper.