Need help with kerning PLEASE!

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I think I've been looking at this for waaaaay too long, but I feel as if no matter how many hours I spend moving letters by 1/1000 em increments, it still doesn't look right to me. My company uses "Univers Light" as its *official* font, and I hate it! I just feel as if some of the letters have awkward spacing/are disproportionate. Anyway, I'm really stuck on the "PLAY" part of this headline. Can anyone help/does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you so much for any feedback!

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It looks overall too loose to me. I would move the A left and then move the Y left even more.

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@pieroni: You will get more feedback if you use the “Insert image” link at the bottom of the comment field. No spaces in the name, try for 500px wide to avoid a horizontal scroll and be mindful of file size. Not sure what the cap is off the top of my head.

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Spacing is too tight.

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Getting back to what Joshua said: To my eye "LA" is too loose. That is the most (naturally) gaping hole that you need to control (and that will, in turn, help define the other spaces). Try not to look at linear distance of letters to each other, but rather the space (size of white area) in between.
Also, the wordspace is maybe a little too narrow compared to the inter-letter space.

Oh, and max width for inline images is something around 590px. I've used 590 successfully.

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